Muse Bihi Abdi: The One Candidate That Says What He Means, And Means What He Says

Muse Bihi Abdi: The One Candidate That Says What He Means, And Means What He Says

The people of the Republic of Somaliland are going to the polls on 13th November 2017 to choose their fifth president. This comes 26 years after Somalilanders have rectified the mistake they made 57 years ago and ever since they have progressively been busy with state building. Over these years we have had great leaders who laid solid foundations for our state; they built traditional democratic institutions, reconciled warring communities and rehabilitated our economy and public services. They did all this without much support from the international community and under very hostile environment. We surely want to strengthen our sovereignty, build on these achievements, and now our country faces trans-regional security challenges, we have no option to choose a leader who we can trust to the task. So what are we expecting from our next president?


Why do we need a strong leader?


The security of the region is surely at stake. We are witnessing the emerging crises across the waters to the gulf states. There are serious concerns about the sectarian war in Yemen. Similar security concerns are being raised around Djibouti/Eritrean border dispute flaring up anytime. The crises in South Sudan continue unabated. To the South of our country we witness Somalia being pulled into different directions by treacherous federalism. We know that Somalia’s president Mohamed Farmaajo, Siyad Barre’s nephew, in his ill-fated speeches on 26th June and 1st July, had made clear his malicious intentions towards the Republic of Somaliland. Everywhere you look there is a threat looming, the region is burning.


Against this bleak backdrop, Somaliland’s democratic elections is not only important to the people of Somaliland, but it is equally important to the countries in the region. What is at stake is not only maintaining stability in our country, it is helping mitigate the region descending into chaos that is at stake. So understandably both the international community and neighboring countries are keeping their watchful eyes on how our country lives up to its image of an oasis of peace in a volatile region. With Muse Bihi Abdi-led government you will be reassured that our country will remain playing significant role in maintaining the security of the region. You will confidently be reassured that the destiny of your country will remain in your hands.


Knowing our history not from books but from lived experiences


Leading our nation at this difficult junction, no doubt, requires first hand experiences of historical developments of our country. As one of the architects of the political renaissance of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr Muse Bihi Abdi, unlike his rivals, is prided with the credentials deserved during the bitter struggle for independence in the 1980s. Sacrificing life in the diaspora, he had spent most of his younger years in the armed struggle against the brutal dictatorship of Siyad Barre, and devoted the remainder of his life to peace building in the aftermath of the libration war. Through thin and thick he stood by our cause.


Brutal Siyad Barre’s regime bombarded our cities and infrastructure to pieces, sent close to 100.000 innocent civilians to early death and pitted Somaliland communities against each other. Muse Bihi Abdi has intimate knowledge of all that went wrong with the failed union with Somalia: he is familiar with the dynamics of the different communities in the country; he is well-versed with their conventions and customs and he is genuine and reliable. He can arouse passion and rally support for the cause of achieving respect for our sovereignty. His contribution to present day Republic of Somaliland and its institutions we are all so proud of today is truly unparalleled. In him we have a seasoned leader, mediator and a tough decision-maker to build on our achievements and realise Kulmiye’s commitments. He is is an authentic, patriotic Somalilander with principles. He is capable of holding our country and our communities together and of dealing with the aggression from Somalia. These qualities are needed of any one to preserve the peaceful coexistence of the different communities in the country. And if our aim is to conclude the failed union with Somalia and put it to rest, who else can we trust this responsibility to other than Muse Bihi Abdi?


For a strong economy vote Muse Bihi Abdi


Over the past few years the Kulmiye government has undeniably lifted our economy. The recent interest from the UAE and DP World attest to this. Our economy went from strength to strength. We need to maintain this momentum. The focus for the presidential hopeful, Mr Abdi, is to build on these achievements. Time and again he has demonstrated that his focus is on the youth; he knows that without exploiting the potentials of our youthful workforce, our economy will not take off. So is creating job opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of youth and graduates at the heart of his agenda. He is aware that many people are struggling to make ends meet and so is his priority that no Somalilanders child goes to bed on an empty stomach. His Kulmiye Party has put together a robust plan for alleviating poverty. He is aware that our small businesses are struggling because of inadequate services. For renovating the service sector and making it more relevant to the demands of our country. He is aware that our country unfortunately faces recurrent droughts and water shortages that affects millions of our people. Dealing effectively with this natural disaster and its social dimensions is a top priority for him. At the heart of the Kulmiye Manifesto is the motto that it is Science and Knowledge that keep the wheels of the world turning. So Muse Bihi Abdi is prepared to build a technocratic government where know-how counts and not who you know.


For your vote to count, count on Muse Bihi Abdi: the hope of the Republic of Somaliland


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